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8 Effortless Paleo Breakfast Ideas You Can Eat on the Fly

Hi guys! Who doesn’t LOVE an amazing breakfast? Breakfast is definitely my favorite meal of the day, which is why I was heartbroken to find my normal breakfast was not going to cut it in the paleo world! How was I going to eat a home cooked, made from scratch paleo breakfast, when I had three little boys with three different schedules in the morning?!

The majority of today’s breakfast food is made up of starchy carbs that come in a wrapper. At least, that is what my breakfast seemed to consist of. Granola bars, freezer waffles, yogurt, and muffins were my fast fix. Of course when I decided to eat paleo, I realized I just eliminated an entire meal for myself as I knew it.

What is a pancake and pastry loving girl to do? I started researching what other people did that had been in my position and was startled by the responses. SOUP for BREAKFAST? Who does that?! Eggs and meat?! The things I saw did not excite me in the least, but it was worth a shot if it meant feeling better.

Looking back now, I realize I was addicted to grains, sugars, and quick pick me ups in the morning. As I have changed my eating habits, my cravings for those types of breakfasts have vanished. I still treat myself to a paleo version of my old breakfast meals, but I’m happy to report that I no longer miss them! My body feels much more stable and energized when I start with protein and fat as opposed to sugary carbs and processed grains.

If your struggling to start your day off right because you have no time or idea what to prepare, have no fear!! You can easily eat a real food paleo breakfast without adding any extra time or effort to your morning! Here is a short list of paleo breakfast ideas I use to keep my mornings as simple, nourishing, and easy as possible.

8 Easy Paleo Breakfast Ideas

  1. Buttered Coffee….make your coffee…add collagen, vanilla, ghee/butter, and MCT or coconut oil and blend. This beauty becomes a no sugar, anti-aging latte before your eyes that you don’t crash from. Your welcome.
  2. Paleo sweet potato and sausage breakfast casserole. Make the casserole over the weekend. Cut into squares and eat everyday. Top with guacamole if you really love yourself. This will last you ALL week!
  3. Soup….yup I said it. I was shocked the first time I heard this idea too, but man is it comforting on a cold winter day:)
  4. Leftovers. Every night after dinner, portion any leftovers into individual glass containers. In the morning, pop the container in the microwave and VIOLA! There is no rule that breakfast needs to consist of “breakfast food.” Your body only cares if what you ingest is nourishing, not “made for morning time.”
  5. Juli Bauer’s banana nut chocolate chip muffins. I make a double batch of these every other week and freeze them. The boys and I pull them out 2-3 times a week and heat them for 30 seconds in the microwave. GAME CHANGER!!
  6. Smoothies!!! You can put all ingredients in the blender the night before and store in the fridge. The next morning all you have to do is push BLEND!
  7. Hard boiled eggs. Make these over the weekend and grab them on your way out the door. Add a piece of fruit if it feels incomplete:)
  8. Paleo chia pudding…yummy! These take a just minutes to make and are adorable. You can make a whole week’s worth in 10 minutes and then just grab one from the fridge on your way out the door each morning!

So there you have it! Breakfast CAN be convenient and healthy! I hope this list of super easy paleo breakfast ideas helps you get out the door quicker and peppier in the morning!! Have a great week and let me know which one you tried!

Photo by Ella Olsson on Unsplash

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