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5 Tips For Eating Paleo at Restaurants

Hey guys!

These past few weeks I have found myself eating out a lot! In the past, trying to navigate the world of eating paleo at restaurants felt impossible, but now it is a cinch!! Besides the fact that I don’t have to prepare a meal or clean up, it is such a nice break from the norm. I remember when this was absolutely not the case, when eating paleo at restaurants felt like an impossible task to me.

During the first year of my new paleo lifestyle, I felt extremely isolated. I barley grasped how to eat paleo in my own home, much less eating paleo in restaurants, so I stopped doing it. When I got invited to social events, I would turn them down. If a friend invited us over for dinner, I would say no. Eventually, I found myself lonely and depressed. It was AWFUL.

Fast forward five years, and I now find myself out at restaurants at least once a week! Mitch and I have a weekly date night every single Wednesday, which is something I am not willing to let go of!

Luckily, I no longer feel stress or anxiety about eating paleo at restaurants. In fact, I feel such joy when I get to eat away from home and in community with others! It is what we are made to do after all, eat in community with others!

I know for anyone new to eating Paleo, Whole 30, Keto, or Vegan, it can feel completely overwhelming to try to navigate the outside world of eating out, so I am going to share some tips that helped me learn how to eat paleo at restaurants like a boss:)

5 Tips for Eating Paleo at Restaurants

  1. Look at the menu ahead of time, and figure out what you want to eat. Knowing what you can have will immediately zap your anxiety.
  2. Most dishes already contain meat and veggies in them. Ask to swap the grain for extra veggies.
    • Instead of rice, ask for a double portion of grilled veggies.
    • Substitute a bun for a bed of lettuce and make a salad.
    • Swap pasta with a side of sauteed veggies.
  3. Bring your own dressing/ghee/grain free chips!! I always bring little travel portions of my own special ingredients in my purse. Nobody knows, and I can enjoy the menu without sacrificing my health.
  4. Get creative! If you can’t find a meal that will work, mix some different appetizers or sides that are paleo friendly and make it a special “taste test” night!
  5. Call ahead and speak with a manager if you are not sure what is safe on the menu. I like to do this at a new place before I go out with a group of people. This allows me to become educated ahead of time, without feeling like I am “picky” or “high maintenance” in front of others.

The paleo lifestyle centers around enjoying REAL FOOD in community with others. It drops your bodies overall inflammation and will lead to a tremendous amount of natural healing, but it can’t do that if you don’t stick with it. Humans are made to be in community with others, so learning how to navigate eating paleo at restaurants is a MUST if you want to maintain this lifestyle.

I hope this encourages you guys to try eating paleo at restaurants this week! Sticking to a lifestyle change will only work if it is convenient and enjoyable, so don’t lose your joy in life. Go out and explore! Grab your husband or a group of friends and take them on this new adventure of eating paleo at restaurants!! Your will be so invigorated to find you can still enjoy life and your new amazing health!

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