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6 Reasons You Need to Have Friend Freezer Meal Party Right Now!!

Hello!!! Today we discussing one of my FAVORITE events of all time…..having a FRIEND FREEZER MEAL PARTY!!! Wahoo! Guys, if you haven’t hopped on the freezer meal train and you are curious why you should, this post is for YOU!!!

My first year of eating paleo was to be blunt…painful. I felt awful, I was still missing a lot of diagnoses, and I had NO IDEA what I was doing!! It was overwhelming, frustrating, and incredibly time consuming. I spent HOURS in the kitchen everyday. (A little secret, I used to HATE cooking, so this was grueling.)

Then one day I had a LIGHTBULB MOMENT!!! Meal prepping is going to be a part of my life forever, so why not make it a blast?! I decided to call up a few girlfriends and have them come make meals with me. This led me to the invention of the FRIEND FREEZER MEAL PARTY!

My Friend Freezer Meal Group

Here is how my Friend Freezer Meal Party works:

  1. Find three friends who would love to stock up on freezer meals.
  2. Have them pick two paleo recipes and buy the ingredients to make those meals for four people.
  3. Host a party where all four friends prep their two meals for each person together.
  4. Exchange meals…everyone gets eight paleo freezer meals in bags to take home for the month!
  5. Eat dinner and giggle together.
Look at this sweetness I randomly caught in the midst of our party!

Easy peasy right?! After doing a friend freezer meal party for the first time, I realized it was an incredible game changer for me on the paleo front. I could start living again outside of the 4 walls of my kitchen:) If I haven’t convinced you yet to try this, here are some more benefits to cooking with your friends.

5 Reasons to Have a Friend Freezer Meal Party

  1. It’s cheaper! Since your only buying ingredients for the two meals, you can buy in bulk.
  2. It’s FUN!!! It is an easy excuse for needed girl time that leads to health!!
  3. It sets you up for success. You now have meals planned for at least two weeks that require ZERO thought or effort….wahoo!
  4. It saves you TIME! It usually takes us about an hour to prep all of our meals, and we walk away with eight meals. Cooking and cleaning up after preparing eight meals individually takes me around five hours.
  5. It keeps us accountable to eating healthy. Like I said, I don’t love cooking. Setting up these parties, keeps me accountable to preparing healthy meals, because my friends are counting on me.
  6. It deepens your friendships and community. Lets be honest, in today’s busy times, we don’t ever seem to carve out enough time for friends, and often times friendships dwindle as a result. These parties keep us up to date with each other every month, while also being super productive!
We usually team up and can knock out meals in minutes

Have I convinced you yet to try a friend freezer meal party? Even if you only want to try this with one friend, and it is your spouse….give it a whirl! It is SOOOO worth the small time investment, and you may even find a crazy thing happens…you love it!!

Happy Freezer Meal Prepping,


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