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5 Tips to Stop Grieving Your “Normal Life”

Guys here is the honest truth: this week has been a huge struggle for me. I have found myself swirling in thoughts of sadness and frustration about my health. How do you stop grieving your “normal life” when “normal life” seemed so great?

My “normal life” was a life where I bubbled with energy and felt amazing every single day regardless of what I ate. It was a life where I could push myself as hard as my heart desired in the gym and life, without paying for it for weeks on end. It was a life where I felt accepted, understood, and invited because I was “normal”.

Sometimes this autoimmune thing just sucks. It is SO hard to know that the life you loved in the past is exactly that…in the past. It isn’t something that will ever be again…but then again, isn’t that what the past is?!

My life now is drastically different than it was five years ago. For the most part, I love it…but I would be lying to you if I said that this is always the case.

I think we all struggle with grief or sadness regarding something in the past. Endings can be very painful, but they can also be the start to a beautiful new beginning. A beginning you wouldn’t have received if you hadn’t had that ending.

So how do you catch yourself when you start going down the grieving tunnel of what used to be? Obviously I am no expert, but I do have a few ideas that I have used to change my thinking from grief to gratitude.

5 Tips To Stop Grieving Your “Normal Life”

  1. Recognize all parts of the past that you are grieving.
    • Even though I picture my past life as being full of boundless energy, there were many days where I was BROKEN. There is always another side to the story you remember. Think back to the not so fun parts of your “normal life.”
  2. Do a gratefulness practice. List five things you are SO SO grateful for right NOW!
  3. REFRAME your negative thoughts. Yes, I will never eat gluten again because it is a huge trigger for most autoimmune diseases….but I am SO THANKFUL that I have control over that trigger!! It could have been trees:)
  4. Seek out a positive friend. My husband is my best friend. He also happens to be the most positive person I have ever known. If I am feeling down, he can instantly point out the good that I am blind to in that moment. Find that positive person!
  5. Last, make new happy memories in your “now” life. When I start to miss my old lasagna recipe, I whip up my new favorite paleo lasagna recipe. If I start to feel frustrated that my energy JUST WON’T pick up for the day, I give myself permission to rest and read a book! That is something I never allowed myself to have time for before.

I hope these little strategies help you when you struggle with grieving your “normal life”, and that you find so much JOY in your new circumstances! We are all only here for a short amount of time. Let’s make each day a new and even better beginning!

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