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How to Effortlessly Get Fit Without the Gym: 10 Simple Hacks

What a week! Between Cooper breaking his arm and Mitch being out of the state, I was lucky to get a shower!! Which in turn got me thinking. When crap hits the fan, I am so very thankful that I can fall back on my last ten years in the health and fitness industry! It has taught me hundreds of EASY hacks that I have used to stay fit without the gym!!

I do handstands all the time. They are fun and a great workout!

The old school mentality tells us that in order to get 6-pack abs, you MUST live in the gym!! You need to sweat until you ache and log endless hours pushing your body to the max. Just typing that makes me feel defeated!

The truth is, your body does not need to slave away inside the compounds of a gym to shape up. In fact, committing to this type of program is a straight shot to injury, illness and burnout.

Luckily, there is a better way!!! Today I want to share 10 SIMPLE hacks for how to whip your body into shape and keep it there, without even trying!!

Part of the exercise circuit I do during my morning routine everyday

10 Hacks To Get Fit Without the Gym

  1. Seek out the farthest parking spot everywhere you go.
  2. If you are on the phone, your pacing. Make it a life rule. Who cares if you look weird?! This is for your 6-pack!
  3. Keep your sitting to a maximum of 30 minutes. After 30 minutes has passed, get up, stretch, do some jumping jacks, go to the bathroom, etc. Sitting is the new cancer, don’t get it!
  4. Start your day with movement. Roll out of bed, and do 5-10 minutes of stretches or exercises. This blood pumping hack is a natural stimulant for your body equivalent to a cup of coffee!!
  5. End your day with movement. Go for a 15-20 minute stroll around the block, play ball with your kids, or just do a few minutes of body weight exercises to end your day and relieve built up stress.
  6. Incorporate house chores into consistent movement.
    • Play the laundry game: Time yourself while you sprint from the laundry room to a bedroom and back. Repeat with each room, trying to beat your previous time.
  7. Play follow the leader with your kids for 10 minutes a day. Kids are naturally active!
  8. If you can, stand!!! Standing burns twice as many calories as sitting. People sit everywhere- watching their kid’s at practice, meetings, soccer games, desk work…all of these activities are done on chairs. Yet, none of them need to be done seated….take a stand!
  9. Isometric muscle contractions! Squeeze your quads as hard as you can for the next thirty seconds!!! Start with 5 sets of contractions on EVERY muscle group in your body while you are waiting in line, driving, watching TV, or at a meeting.
  10. Do one FUN activity every week that includes movement for at least an hour. Come on guys, it’s one time a week and it’s FUN! Here is a list to get you started!
    • Shopping in Target…ALONE:)
    • Taking the kids ice skating/rock climbing/swimming
    • Go for a walk with a friend and just chat
    • Window shopping in a mall
    • Try a fun exercise class like yoga, Pilates, boot camp, etc.
    • Jumping at a trampoline park
Flying kites can be a great cardio workout for you when you have little kids!

Your health and fitness level is important, but it doesn’t need to be the center of your life. I have had TONS of clients get fit without the gym! They simply learned to find a way to incorporate movement into their everyday life.

I have always been passionate about guiding people to a healthy lifestyle that works for THEM!! There is nothing better than finding peace through movement! Now get up and start moving. You will love the results!!



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Thank you! I will check it out!!



You are brilliant and inspiring!!! I am putting my fit bit back on…. if for nothing else… for the “get up and move” reminders! I’ll be taking a stand too!!



Aww thank you Valarie and WAHOO to the fit bit:)


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